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Frequently Asked Question
Our Fema Website?

You need to register and log in to your account. After registration, you will be awarded a bonus in the amount of 50 GHS.

In the "WITHDRAWAL" tab, you enter your wallet (the Wallet of the currency you are withdrawing)and the withdrawal amount to transfer funds to Your wallet.

On the login page of the system click on the "Forgot your password?

This bonus is given to You after registration in the service,this bonus will not burn,will not disappear,and you do not need to pay for it.You can earn without investing, with bonus funds You can withdraw your earnings.

All financial transactions are processed automatically.Your requested funds will be credited to your wallet automatically immediately after the required number of network confirmations.In the PAYEER system funds will arrive automatically without waiting for confirmation.


Our service works with 10 popular cryptocurrencies on the market. You can see all currencies in your personal account.

In your personal account, in the "DEPOSIT" tab, you generate a wallet of the desired cryptocurrency, and send funds to it.On the PAYEER system enter the amount and top up.

Yes. 12% of the amount when purchasing GHS by Your partners


The payback period for your investment is 60 days