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Extension of the promotion

Due to service failures,not everyone could get an increased referral percentage.
Therefore, we extend the promotion until 15.09.2020.
Thanks for understanding.
Sincerely, the AIR-Miner team

Technical work with the service is over

Dear user.
There were some hiccups in the system.Now everything has been resolved and is working normally.
There may still be short-term interruptions,but do not worry, the service will continue to work despite some problems.
With Respect to the Administration of the service AIR-Miner

Holiday percentage increase for referral

Dear user.
Due to the fact that we already have 8000 users.
We increase the referral percentage to 14% for 1 day.
Sincerely, the AIR-Miner team

Service news

Dear user.We are glad to inform You that our service now accepts USD (Payeer).
We have more than 1000 users, and it is very happy that we are 2 days together and we have become such a big family.
Thank you for being with us and trusting the professionals

Opening the service

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
We are happy to welcome You to our cryptocurrency mining site.
Today, in honor of the opening, each user receives a free BONUS of 50 GHS.
Thank you for being with us on this momentous day.
Sincerely, the AIR-Miner team